For FC 6S Fiber Optic FTTH Tool Kit and AUA 60S Cleaver Optical Power Meter3 5KM Visual Finder Locator Wire stripper

For FC 6S Fiber Optic FTTH Tool Kit Fiber With AUA 60S Fiber Cleaver Optical Power
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Item Specifics

Brand NameLEORY

Product Description

Model: for FC-6S
Name: Fiber Optic FTTH Tool Kit
Power Meter Features:
1.Self calibration
2.More than 48 hours continuous working time
3. Linear Display (mW) and Logarithmic display (dBm) show on the same screen
4.Support for FC/SC/ST interface and quick switch
5.Auto switch
6.Backlight available
1.Test Range: -70~+3dbm
2.Probe Type: InGaAs
3.Wavelength Range: 800~1700nm
4.Standard Wavelength(nn): 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625
5.Display Resolution: Linear Display 0.1%; Logarithmic display 0.01dBm
6.Working Temp(℃): -10~+60℃
7.Storage Temp(℃): -25~+70℃
8.Auto Switch-off Time(min): 18min
9.Battery working period: ≥48hrs
10Size(mm): 162x75x27
11.Power: 3x AA rechargeable lithium battery or chargable Li-battery (battery not included)

for FC 6S cutter Specification:
1.Applicable bare wire diameter: 125μm
2.Applicable fiber core number: single core (φ0.25 & 0.9mm) ~ 12 core ribbon core wire ~ 2.5 skin line
3.Fiber cutting length: 9-16mm (φ0.25), 10-16mm (0.9mm)
4.Size: 63 * 76 * 63mm
Visual Fault Locator Specification:
1. Output wavelength:650mm
2. Output light power: >1mW
3. Optical connector: universal connector
4.Operating temperature:0~+60℃
5. Storage temperature: -20~+70℃
6. Power supply: 2 x AA batteries(battery not included)
7. Size: 175mm*26mm
Note: If you have any questions, please contact us
Package include:
1 x Fiber Optic Stripping Tool
1 x CLAUSS Fiber Optic Stripper/Model: CFS-2
1 x Alcohol bottle
1 x clean paper
1 x Fixed length rail
1 x AUA Fiber Cleaver AUA-60S
1 x 10KM Visual Fault Locator
1 x AUA-9 Optical Power Meter
1 x Black Carry Bag