Auto Rectifier Can Improve The Power Of Cold Start Economizer Super Capacitor Module 750v350f

Auto Rectifier Can Improve The Power Of Cold Start Power Economizer Super Capacitor Module 750v350f Super
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Item Specifics

TypeSuper Capacitor
ApplicationGeneral Purpose
Package TypeThrough Hole
StructureFixed Capacitor

Product Description

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Auto rectifier can improve the power of cold start power economizer super capacitor module 750V350F Super capacitor module
Product description:

Rated voltage (V): 16 The working voltage (V) : 17 Rated capacity (F): 58 Capacity to allow error: 0%~10% The maximum DC resistance (m): 22 Maximum continuous working current (A) : 35 Maximum peak current (A): 203 Short circuit current (A) : 727 Maximum leakage current (72hrs/mA): 0.3 The highest series voltage (V) : 750 V Monomer capacitance (F) : 350 Power density (W/kg) : 3221 Maximum energy (W.h): 2.1 Energy density (W/kg): 4.8 Single volume (Branch): 6pcs combination
Operating temperature range: -40~65 degree
Storage temperature range: - 40 ~ 65 degrees
Weight (Kg): 0.939
Monomer and balanced way: active equilibrium Cycle life: 500000 (Times) Shell material: aluminum alloy shell

Typical application:

Auto start Wind variable plasma Small UPS system

Shipping list : 750V350F Super capacitor module * 1pcs